Madison Round Two

Later that night Kevin and I met these three hoes, two of then were really nice and experienced they told of stories where they would take advantage of men and rob them for money, the fat one then  proceeded to gain our trust having mature thoughts and really trying to find out our motives she then displayes an act of clear intention  by shutting down a dark skinned fellow, she told him "I don't like chocolate" he was obviously offended his response "what do you like then?" she answered " Carmel spanish". Kevin and I are Spanish. but surly if he and I weren't there making good civil conversation then I know she would like chocolate, how ironic that this fat girl does not like chocolate. We took a cab we are left with two girls the third went in another taxi she was drunk like us all. Kevin is working while I'm stared out the window, Kevin gets the fat ones number, he leaves her with a "see you soon" but I know she's experienced I know he will not see her soon, there is nothing left for us to give, she and her friend got their half priced cab ride and I with a story and Kevin with a hopeful number. 
♠ ♠ ♠
One of my first few out of more to come, I hope you enjoy the story as much as I did writing/ experiencing it.