Madison Round One

With one of my bestfriend kevin, at the Madison pub but it's not really just a pub it's a place that has rooms scattered around like a maze, one room that is sort of a night club, connected to that is a room for sing alongs more of a romantic setting i usually always hear the pianist  sing rocket man, theres a patio room and next to that is usually hiphop if  not then the top 20 hits on the radio. Each room is either connected by a staircase or a 10 feet hallway l.  I'm sitting in the hitlist room feeling envious staring at this white couple, thinking what did he have to do to get her to stare at him like that ? What did he have to say ? She looks happy. And he entertained by the maze of emotions and confusion of feelings in the room. Is she arm candy to him?  Or what I should be asking is what type of creature is she to do such a loving gaze to a brut like him. what type of monster is she.. I take another sip of my favorite drink Rum and coke and slip a inside joke to Kevin.
♠ ♠ ♠
Hope you enjoy it!