Death Note 1

Death note:1 to my first, you were so easy just like all of us 16 year olds you were 15, same number as my birthday,it was in a park near a popular mall it was raining but you were wild. Your animal instinct increased

you weren't what I expected because all you women are illusionist from your make-up to your fake contacts and over filtered pictures that add more layers on you, yet you used it to take some off.

I thought to myself "are all of you so easy?" Why have I been so afraid of you women when you all are so dumb. All I had to do was lie, tell you I'm experienced and pure a half of a bottle of gel in my hair. That's the day when I learned how to be a fuck boy.

Fuck boys get them all,

but then again I was only 16.
♠ ♠ ♠