Nobody Noticed

She sat in the halo of a security light
She sat on the hood of a car most of the night

She had to wonder why she was where she was at
A party girl she never was but nobody asked

She watched her friends disappear behind a fence
She sat feeling alone and so unimpressed

Why did she come here just to be ignored
A lonely girl, lost and unsure

A band was playing but she didn't hear
No, thank you, she said she didn't want any beer

No, I'm sorry, I'm just here for a friend
Oh I'll be fine, don't need a ride home at the end

Was ushered inside to re-watch what was just lived
No, I'm not hungry, you eat the tacos instead she said

She sat in the horseshoe and pretended to care
No, I don't smoke but I'll pass it over there

But nobody noticed she wanted to go home
Nobody saw her so she felt so alone like a ghost

She just wanted to find a place to fit in
But with the misfits she just lost it again

What's so wrong with me she wanted to scream
So she had to leave and find her own dream

She closed the door to who she had been
The door would rattle but she found she didn't want to let them back in

She found her place and figured out who she was
No, she's not broken and she's always been enough.