Cold Embrace

It feels like it's the end for me.
It feels like I have been deceived.
And I know the light has abandoned me
for I am now left deep in the shadows.
The darkness welcomes my sorrowful soul
and it feels right for a while
because my soul has finally been soothed.
Yet I find the lies hidden in the dark
and I realize I can't keep being the victim,
but the night wraps my body in blue clothing
as if my sorrow has taken a form
and my thoughts darken again.
Is the end truly good for me?
My whole being is bleeding red
while the darkness fills the void in my soul.
There is no one to sing for me,
no one left to cry and beg me to stay
and the darkness wraps me tighter with my sorrow
yet I welcome its cold embrace
for now I am smiling as I start to give in.
A tear sparkles down my face
and I'm finally free.
♠ ♠ ♠
Sometimes death can set you free.