I Love Him.

I love him.
I've denied it,
fought it,
ignored it...
But it's true.

His smile is like sunrays,
glistening off a water's surface.
His eyes are kind,
filled with love and purpose.
His hands are rough from a hard days work,
struggling to provide
He'll give his life before he gives in,
I know I'd give mine.

I love that boy,
but he's now a man.
He's off to make this country proud,
guided by his Father in the clouds,
off to rid this world of bitter things,
He's joining the Marines.

I'm still stuck in this small town,
and living with regret.
I never told him how I felt,
I could never bring myself to say it.
Commitment isn't one of my best traits,
I knew that all along.
I probably couldn't give him the love he deserved
So it's just as well he goes now.

I love that man,
though he won't look at me
we used to be good friends...
Didn't we?
Maybe once he felt the same way,
Conflicted by fear.
Neither of us said a word,
and onward moved the years.

Years from now,
he'll have a different family.
Maybe a son or a daughter,
and he'll be a brave, strong father.
I won't be jealous,
just saddened.

I had the chance and I let it go,
and he's gone, too.
Life moves on and so should you,
even if it kills you,
push on.
Say what you mean,
And mean what you say.

You'll never know how it'll affect your life,
until your silence has ruined it one day.