Never Again

Moonlight nights with a shot of anaesthetic
Pondering life, wonder why I'm so pathetic
Dark is calling to me, yeah I will regret it
No I'm not playing when I say I'm dead

Emotions on my sleeve
Make it easy to bleed
I hold my head low
So they can't see my scream
So they can't see my cry
I'll quietly die inside.

The scars that tatter me will remind
That If I'm not strong I will die
But how do you live in a place
That rejects your inner face
Condemned to loneliness
I wander these nights in anguish

I'd say it's not fair
A life of despair
Heart of gold
Mind is bare.
I hold my heart to the stone
Begging to never be alone
One on one with these thoughts
This pain I must atone

To tell them that I need them is admitting to my weakness
My knees are growing weaker as I'm falling into pieces
A homeless spirit suffering, spilling at its creases
Im bleeding uncompleted, my heart has been defeated

Everytime I look into the mirror I say
God damn I'd have it any other way
I'd have my life fulfilled every other day
But my heart was beaten empty
Because I gave it away..

We'll never see the light of day
Blood drained
Complicated and insane
I hold this darkness in my brain

I fight every breath I take
Battle every moment I wake
This reality must be fake
This sadness I can't take
It's drowning me
Holding me under

I'm always going on about insanity
Please don't get the wrong idea
I'm not playing when I'm saying
This life is for the taking
And I'm taking mine, escaping
My heart is fucking breaking
Not much point in praying
Cuz God is no longer staying

I push everyone away when I indulge in my pain
I won't let them see me when Im rotting in the rain
They won't hear me cry when I die
Ill turn my back to the sky and never look again