Consumed and Lost

So the time come
We must take our kingdom
Redefine our freedom
And make them think twice

For years your faces have drowned us out
The shells of human beings
They wander across the world spreading disease
Bringing false messages to the species

The time has come

The time has COME
Your lies are done

My messages reign true
I am the honesty epitome
And I've honestly grown sick of thee
Plaguing our community

The lies have spread long enough
Stare past my words
Read between the lines
You'll find yourself

I have nothing to offer but sadness
The conception of truth
It hides behind these walls

Cease and desist!
Your face will not be missed
Step down, from my throne!

All you have to offer..
Rehashed bullshit
I'm sick of it
Same old song and dance
Disgustingly you advance

If they are not willing
If they cannot remove you
I will take the reigns
I will fucking prove you

Well I have had enough
You will meet the traitor
The betrayer,
I am within you all
Wring you to pasture

I.. will..Take..What is mine

Consumed and Lost
I am above all loss.
Witness my eternity