If you could read me like a book
would you be reading the bible ?

Book of revelations,
It would be a dance with the devil.

And so god shook her world
and cast it in flames
She drowned in her thoughts
and she was never the same
She walked with no direction
she walked with pain in her eyes
Anger in her grip and her spirit died

She looked out into her world as it raided with plagues
because god command the sinner to never be granted death
She carried guilt in her heart
She turned her cuts into art
They said she should have known better
She should have been more alert
That night they stole the only healed piece of her she had left
From those many many mend who condemned her innocence to death
it all left her body
hollow and empty
turning to everything to see if it would set her free
can't sleep
can't breath
can't walk this earth with no luxury of ease.

They sold her soul for nothing
never knowing why they did it