our jawlines
broken apart, shattered together
pieces mingle
you cup my cheek
with convex fingers
I gasp and widen
pooled by your cupped lines
knife edge against the roof of my mouth
lick up the liquid flesh
you let the volcano spit
into my mouth
you praise me
for shaking off ash
grip my body,
give me trauma
I see flashes of him inside my eyelids
he rapes me
not softly, as you do now
I come up with a mouthful of water
I say the word
it closes around a wave
you listened the tone
you know now
I am insatiable.

you tap the goldmine
on which we stand-
you have always been able to understand.
this assault in my center
and entrapment marrow-thick
I hold the traumatic within my bones
you let it out for me
diffuse me, not abuse me
if you puncture deep, take karma’s positon
walk me through this rugged transition
and show me how
you will stop when I say stop
because he never did.

& thank you.
You put me in my sweatpants
smooth the crooked end of my teeth
protect me from the incarnations
that you welcomed into you.