The Ex (I Promise I Don't Hate Her)

We've been together two weeks,
And here she is trying to walk back into your life
The happiest two weeks of my existence,
And you're forced to decide
The girl you've known for a month,
And the girl you were engaged to previously
I understand that it's hard,
And I truly do get that
I think it's unfair though,
And it makes me feel like you really don't love me
I only want the best for you,
And I'm sure she wants the same
But I gave up so much to be with you,
And she was the one who left you
If you really think it's better to be with her,
And you say goodbye to me
I won't ever resent you,
And I hope you never think that,
Because I've fallen so hard in love with you,
And I know that I'm so naive still.
I'm still young,
And still pretty dumb,
But you mean so much to me,
And I want to help fix your problems
I want to be there for you,
And you're the best person I've ever met.
So I'll patiently wait for you to choose,
And even though I wish this didn't have to exist,
I know she's your ex,
And you never got over her
But if you really think she'll make you happy,
And you think it's for the best.
I'll walk away for your happiness,
And that's all I ever want.
♠ ♠ ♠
I hurt so much right now, I wish I could tell the whole story, but for now I'll only leave this here.

Update: If you're reading this. He chose her. I have no hard feelings about what happened and I'm still friends with him, but I'm torn. I'll admit to being torn and broken-hearted, but I still love him.

Update 2.0: He left her to come back to me. She was using him because she saw he was happy with someone else. He left me for her and as soon as he came back to her, she acted like he no longer existed. He decided that it was best that he didn't stay with her and that I was the girl who actually cared about him. I took him back and though I haven't forgotten what happened, I'm still going to support him; we're moving on together.