Misguided Princess

You were the first I said, “I love you”
It was an honor, privilege for you to get those first words
I dreamed of white horses and men with swords
And you were the closest I got to a Prince Charming
If only you would had swept me off my feet
Instead, I was a Cinderella without her carriage
With both slippers still on, and the clock already is twelve
You were unexpected, and I was slowly realizing that
I was the sweet, timid naïve girl
You knew how to play your cards right
Get her to share her biggest fantasies
Then catch her when she is unaware
Instead of rescuing me from my tower
You pushed me out the window and I fell to my death
“I love you, but I don’t want to be with you.”
Those words cut me like a sword on my heart
How could I take back those three words?
How could I take back the pain?
But I was stuck in my delusion, that you were the one
I would had followed you anywhere, but that wasn’t for you
Don’t leave me. I’m the only man you need, you said
If only I knew what those words would do to me
You held me captive in your dungeon, locked up the keys
And when I escaped, to find another Prince Charming
A whore was muttered out of your mouth
I was not your princess to be, your wife in the making
I was your obedient slave, the miserable servant
Like all fairytales, you were the villain all along
There was never a Prince Charming, but a scam at best
Who took my heart and banished it out of my body
I wish I could take back my days stowed away with you
I wish I could take back those three words
You aren’t my Prince and this isn’t a fairytale
All that lies is a book of bullshit and one misguided princess
♠ ♠ ♠
This poem is based off a real relationship and my feelings around it