Find Me, Lover

Sexy voices
Sexy music
Sexy sounds
On my balcony at night
No hand to hold but my own
No whispering in my ear
But the sweet velvety texture of a musician's thoughts
My sister got home and she was pissed she wasn't stoned
I don't judge, I never judge
Who am I to judge?
I loved it
I loved it too much for my own good
And I wanna go high high high
High as my mind will let me
Maybe it's my sleepy body that misses weed
Maybe it's my exhaustion
Wanting to take a break
Basses booming in my ears
Boom, booming, boom
No hand to hold
No lips on my lips
My own fingers trace the outline of my mouth
As I hold a cigarette
Rain has stopped
It's all dark and quiet
Find me, lover
Where are you, lover?
Lust not for anyone in particular
Lust because it's a nice feeling
Lust and Drugs
I miss that
I feel my own skin, I discover it
Stretch stretch those arms above your head, darling
You're beautiful
Everyone's asleep
You can dream about everything
Sexy voices
Sexy music
Sexy sounds