Already Dead

"Already Dead"

With the clouds in the sky and the doubt in my head; it's hard to believe that I'm already dead.
Shot in the dark, awakened by the light.
My body, it lays lifeless.
Like a gentle stream at night.

Skinny and short, with curly brown hair.
It was my daughter breaking even.
An accidental affair.

Father, you know I'm sorry.
For all the things I've done.
The words that she had spoken, before the blast of the gun.

She said that she was sorry.
Though really it was me.
For it was I who tried to raise her and show her who to be.

With the coulds in the sky and the doubt in my head, it's hard to believe, I that I am already dead.

**written a few years ago, re written and corrected 07/2017