Devon Bostick

He's famous

But oh so gorgeous

And doesn't even know of my exsitance

And even if he did

I wouldn't even be a second thought to him

So many beautiful girls touch his lips on the big screens

And my desperation and jealously consumes me

Even though I know I'll never have a chance

But every time I see those beautiful brown eyes

My heart melts away and I wish he were mine

That soft velvety voice and contagious laughter

Makes me fall and I can't contain myself after

Every single character he plays I fall in love with

It's just a silly celebrity crush to keep my mind of real heartbreak

But I want him more than words can say

When I dream about him I wake up and my hands are searching

But all I find is an empty pillow beside me

Where I want him to be

He's oh so talented

To make me fall and relate to all that he does

A beautiful soul that I'm happy exists in the same world as mine

Even though are paths will never collide