Let It All Be

Sometimes when it rains,

You just need to let it rain.

Let the downpour pour down,

Don't close the windows,

Don't take out the umbrella,

Just let it be.

When the thunder crashes,

Let it crash, loudly.

Don't wear headphones,

Don't cover your ears,

Listen to the anger that develops,

From the crash and the boom,

Just let it be.

Watch as the lightening,

Enlightens the earth,

Don't look away,

and don't cover your eyes,

Just take a deep breath in and watch the sky.

And let the wind be windy,

Just let it take you away,

While you're walking the streets

In downtown or further away

Let the wind flow through your body,

Feel it inside you wildly.

Just let it all be.

You will feel more free.