***ed Up World

When you live in a world,

That thrives on emotional stability

And decent financial income,

It's hard to agree that money doesn't mean happiness

But without it, what are you supposed to do?

How can you be happy if you're without a proper home,

Or providing for your family.

But on the other hand,

Having all that financial stability,

doesn't mean you'll be happy either.

You could have everything you've ever wanted in life,

But loose everyone you've ever loved

And become miserable in the end.

Our world needs to learn balance,

To reach out and provide assistance.

And to share if we have a heavy income,

And not discriminate and shut people out.

It's pretty fucked up live in a world,

That shuns someone for being sick, and wanting to end their life

When its not something they can control,

You wouldn't do that kind of shit to a cancer patient

So why do it to someone whose suicidal

Everyone needs the same amount of love and respect

Just because you have more money than someone else

Doesn't make you better than them

We all have to share this planet,

We might as well make in a some what enjoyable stay

While we live and wait for our demise