Lighten Up, You Silly Sad Sap

soft pastel stillness
quiet behind my weary eyes
peaceful evening dream

greenery exposed
spring time given birth to growth
wild shimmering beauty

hush your weary soul
it's okay to lose control
let you spirit lull

Haiku's glory birth
urgent words, a shaky pen
fast and sudden death

lightly darling, please
tread with the softest footsteps
quicksand all around

slinky slick black cat
scratches at the door, meows
get me out of here

colors pass. a blur
earth's beauty through glass windows
urge to run through grass

tied up into knots
my twisted little ego
who are you, really?

convenient, five syllables
now I need five more

haikus - brevity
a fast paced short lived beauty
my aspiration