Moved In

have you ever thought about the stories that we do not tell
the stories that have taken up residence in our minds
as if they have helped pay for rent and utilities
they have unpacked all their boxes and suit cases
they have that set up their books on your shelves
they have changed the message on the voicemail

they are the kind of stories that always remain
like a relative who overstays their welcome
and make the guest room of your house dirty
they have never asked you if they can stay
and they always drink the last cup of coffee
then they put their cup in sink without washing it

And dammit, you can’t kick the stories out
because they are a part of you and your life
they leave their socks littered on the floor
and they put their feet up on the coffee table
as you repeatedly screamed for them to get out
they never leave, they moved in a long time ago