what i live for

In life so many things happen and somehow we make it through. we bulid and grow. we feel, think, and... live. have you ever thought about why though?

heres a thought. think of yourself an old person. 60 years from now. Imagine you have a grandaughter or grandson. there they are, all because of you. who knows, they might save mankind and solve all of ou problems, they could be the president, or they could be a teacher or a scientist. they can help grow and change the world, but the only way any of this can happen is through you. i dont know about you but when i am old i want to be able to look back at my life and think, it was all worth it. all the struggles and bad times i went through is for a reason. i want to give somone else the life i couldnt have. my life is pretty good but i want give somone a life that makes them happy all the time. even with all the problems. To achieve this i have to work my absolute best, no matter how hard a challenge may seem, i know i can get through it and still try my best. of course life will get harder as time goes by, ITS LIFE. my point is that in life i want to go through everything, try my hardest and then look back and be proud of myself! i dont want to think i could have done that, if only i did this, i should have done that. instead i want to think, wow, life was amazing and i did so much, i did make a change.

basically, to answer the question i live for the future. to make it better and make a difference. even if its the smallest change or the biggest difference i am going to do my part, live my life, and achieve my goals no matter what life pts me through
♠ ♠ ♠
hope you liked it! its my first post. Feel free to comment whatever you like.