You're so smart
With good looks and a soft heart
Or so you're told.
You hear this a lot; same old, same old.
Almost as if those that love you
Act as a mirror
Defining who you are
And who you see

Yet mirrors are flawed,
They only reflect the light
Thus casting a shadow, hidden behind you, looming over your mind
Self doubt, a symptom of the obscured figure
Driven to hold you back.
Controlling your thoughts
Unrelenting visions of failure.
A plague on confidence.

So you enter this world, told you're a star
Well look how that turned out so far...
Hope is a sweet nectar for your shadow
Fueling its ever presence.
So even when you think you've won,
With all the light you can behold
Shining upon
That shadow that follows...
simply grows.
♠ ♠ ♠
Another incredibly infrequent upload