Friend Zone

You aren't the luxury of a seven star hotel
You aren't the fun of a pub or disco
But you are the comfort of my old childhood house
You are the one i call home

You aren't the perfection of a well fitted suit
You aren't the glamour of a short dress
But you are that blue grandma's sweater
Which keeps me warm when the nights are cold

You aren' the playfullness of sneakers
Neither you are the beauty of high heels
But you are those old shabby flipflops
Whose flat sole keeps me closer to the floor

You aren't the cool friend i party with
You aren't that hot colleague in the office
But you are the the only one i talk to
Whenever this whole world makes me feel alone

You aren't that lipstick which makes me look bold
You aren't the lip gloss which allures everyone
But you are the lip balm i use every night
To heal the cracks of life,my love

You aren't the passionate kisses of love
You aren't the make out sessions at night
But you are the one whose arms i run to
When all the pleasure of love is gone

You aren't my highschool or college boyfriend
You aren't the love of my life
But you are the one who matters the most
While the stupid world calls it friend zone