Goodbye My Love (I Tripped on Love)

I just wanted you to love me.
I tried so hard to make you see.
But in the end I just know,
You never wanted me.
I hate myself for staying.
You could've been so happy.
I should've let you go years ago,
When you started acting crappy.
I should've known when you went to her,
I should've realized then...
You never really wanted me,
But I got you back again.
I really thought you loved me,
But I was wrong and now I see.
I can't believe it took this long,
I was fucked to the highest degree.
But I'm obvious just stupid,
And blinded by love I guess.
I can't believe I've been in living hell,
And lived with all this stress.
I need to say goodbye,
I'll love you forever but farewell.
I won't be able to get over you,
I tripped on love and then I fell.
But loving you was easy,
I've loved you with all my heart.
But now there's nothing but an empty void,
You blew my heart apart.