He Found Me

I was broken, battered, and beaten.
Made weak and wary made by the verbal knives dragging me down.
In time I started to sink.
I was falling quickly into an endless pit where it hurt to feel.
It hurt to exist.
One day after many hopes were crushed.
You found me.
It was simply a message,
It caused a smile.
Still weak and struggling but smiling nonetheless.
I hope days will turn to months,
And hope that he's still there.
Not far away, and close enough,
Comforting me mentally and wiping away my fears.
I hope day by day,
He'll be there for me.
And I will start to rise.
Out of the pit where I suffered and cried,
And didn't know what to do with my life.
His heart touched mine, and feelings collided,
Slowly I hope he will still do it.
And he makes me feel worth it.
Though I may cry, and still have my fears,
He will help to guide me and make me feel fierce.
I will help him with his troubles too.
And his love will sustain me and he will always be my boo.
When he is not with me,
And is so far away.
He is my first and last thought,
Each and every day.