Words Will Always Hurt Me

Don't tell me,
"Sticks and stones" are nothing,
Compared to the words we hear.
"Your a freak", "What's wrong with you?"
"You'll never come through no matter what you do."
Don't tell me that I'm weak,
That I will never be strong,
Or that in life I will never get along.
I could take these stones,
Without a second thought,
You see wounds can heal,
But dreams cannot.
Confidence is a window,
That can show you the world,
But maybe this is fake happiness,
Inside my dreamworld.
Confidence is a window,
That lets the world see you,
How much longer will it be before the world consumes me too.
But glass is easily broken,
It only takes a few words,
To completely destroy it.
Then you spend your whole life,
Gluing the pieces together,
But you cut yourself in the process,
And the window is still cracked.
Broken. Blurry. And now it's weaker than ever.
It's covered in the blood you lost
While desperately trying to fix yourself.
Don't tell me that words don't hurt
Because now you believe them.
Now you find that you're calling yourself those names.
Ask the Trojans, when the enemy is within you,
What chance of victory do you have?
When looking in the mirror
Makes you fight off the tears,
Tell me that words don't mean anything.
Tell me that broken bones hurt less.