I'm nineteen.
I'm nineteen and I'm riding in a car with someone I just met.
I'm nineteen and I am waking up in a bed that is not mine.
But it feels right.
It feels right because I am nineteen and all the right things are said.
I'm nineteen and for the first time I am living my own life.
I've left the nest only to land in the cage.
But I don't know it yet.
Because I'm nineteen.
I'm nineteen and the stranger in the driver seat doesn't feel like a stranger.
Because I'm nineteen and I believe the words, and the smile, and the hand on my knee.
Because I am the sheep and he is the wolf.
And everything is perfect.
And I've actually found the one.
And I'm nineteen.
I'm nineteen and making plans I have no business making.
I am a housewife without the ring.
But I'm nineteen.