I never wanted ascension -
Pedestals are unstable and I'm afraid of heights.
What happens when I fall?
Will I land on my feet and be forever stumbling in your eyes,
Or will I land on my head and be dead to you?
God knows I'm not perfect -
I've never pretended to be.
But there are days I can do only wrong
No matter how hard I try,
Grasping on with my fingertips to the cracks in the wall
Looking down over the precipice that is failure
Because all the bridges have given out.
I can't make everyone happy,
A fact I am still learning
Still coming to terms with,
And for some reason still trying to accomplish.
But I'd rather that than the negative alternative.
Why does it needs to be the worst of all to matter?
When did misery become a competition?
This concept of one-downing, who has it harder,
Who has the right to complain -
Well, everyone does. And no one does.
Just a conversation,
A dialogue,
Do away with all the complaints.
A problem is a problem, big or small
And we all need support to get through sometimes.
Own your mistakes,
Arm yourself with them, use them to your advantage.
I'm not perfect and neither are you -
We were never meant to be.
What we are meant to be is better than we were.
So start.
♠ ♠ ♠
I get fed up.