Flaws of the Binary System

it mocks me
this binary
i see everywhere
crushing me
erasing me
am i glitch?
that's what the two buttons
blinking at me think
you can't be both
you can't neither
(and it's required)
you have to be
two things
that you don't get choose; not really
my existence is a mistake
my existence is a lie
my existence is something to fixed
my existence is something that i am faking
my existence is something that my mom says,
"that's where i draw the line"
not realizes
how much it hurts me
but i am not even fourteen--
i am not old enough to decide my own gender
despite the fact
you are forcing your standards
your binary
onto infants who have not yet taken their first breath
think of this
before you mock me
♠ ♠ ♠
oh this got depressing