Special Night

Welcome, have a seat, stay a while,
Im glad you could make it tonight
You see it's not just any night
Its not just any day, not just any, right?

You see tonight is the night I adress whats inside,
A caustic feeling I no longer leave denied..
A darkened plea to seek what's really mine
And I have a slight idea of what Ill really find..

You see, hell is more than what they claim
Its a state of being for one to tame
You wrap your fist around the Devil's name
Spit in his face, this is your domain..

I cant really tell if this is a cry for help
Or a eulogy left after I descend to hell
One thing is for certain I cannot speak out
The horrors cage my voice when I want to yell

For it is sworn that the demons plague the earth
I am just a testament to a monster's birth
A feeling buried in my chest unable to unearth
It is just the beginning of the devilish scourge

Restless at night, the feeling of benign fright
A terror deep inside, that our worlds will collide
Forever fearing the eternal blight
Nestled deep inside my mind

Mangled horrors take hold as the moon sets high
I dream of bloodied nightmares visiting at night
The breath of the wicked hangs in my room tonight!
Trapped in a world bereft of any fucking light!

Awake with a fright, a cold shiver runs down my spine..
I squint as my eyes adjust to see alright
I arise unsteady, the face of evil steady in my mind
a drink should calm the nerves just right

Shadows dart left and right
I might be losing my fucking mind
The voices are very fresh tonight,..
I wander into the bathroom light..

Like flashes the images of hell revive my paranoia
Lock the door behind me the light fills my eyes
Heavy medication and a stiff whiskey aroma
The mirror begins to call my name..

I step aside just to see my face..
It is the face of a forsaken Unnamed
Flesh is fucking rotton, eyes have decayed
I remain a figure of a numbing display
Of horrific despair gripping like a fucking plague

"Some one please save me" i always used to say
And no one came for me, day after cursed day..
Abandoned to a fate with a nightmare ball and chain
Strapped to my chest, my arms and my face



Eternal strife

A broken creation!

from fire and brimstone!
A hell embedded into flesh and fucking bone
Innocence left behind to die alone
A rotten, bitter, undead wandering home!..

Tonight is the night I embrace what is inside
A phantom living deep corrupting my very mind,
I thought this beast was dead!?..
I thought this verse was read!!..
Turns out its really fucking time to die.

Contemplating consequences..
Replaying scenarios..
Whispers beckon the time to end this
My form breathes despair and rust

Corruption, its time to go
The void has accepted my kind
I now may never know
The innonce that was left behind..

Catacombs buried in the deep abyss
One last drink to finish this right
A melody of depressing bitterness
Not just any day,
The story of this bloody night.
♠ ♠ ♠