Please Describe Your Level of Commitment to Freedom, Justice, Integrity and Honor

My commitment to freedom, justice, integrity and honor
My head, my ego and my fodder

My test, my eyes, my will to write
Is my own, not their fight

Time and time again


Take responsibility, make responsibility, dot my eyes and cross my tees
I make sure that my RAs do their job, do it right, and make sure they are able to sleep at night
I teach them how to say no, how to know a hate crime, and every now and then, how to haste and undo a knot


Love what I do and do what I love
Many places, leave traces that are beautiful only if you look hard

See the beauty in people, see the beauty in doing what's right
See the beauty in black, red, brown, yellow and white
See the beauty in working hard, see the beauty of peace
See what it's like to love another crease

With all that I do
Here I write
This is my way, my commitment
To change everyone's sight.