Love Letter to Poseidon

The rain was coming down at me sideways,
Clinging to my skin as I stood there leaning into it
Into him.

Oh God of storms,
King of the ocean,
You find me here so far from your shores
You call me daughter,
You call me lover,
You call me friend,
The water tangles through my hair in place of your fingers.

I can feel the growl of you in my chest.
Raindrops like kisses against my skin.
Moving slowly
Then faster
Crashing against me urgently.
I see you in flashes of lightning
And you shake the earth between us

I'm homesick for you
It feels like an empty ache in my chest
The trees and I quake under your touch
Rain falling desperately against me.

You call me by the name you gave my soul life times ago
It burns brighter,
Recognizing you,
Mt breath quickens as I reach out for you.

I'm met with raindrops
And wind.
And I beg for more.
I'm gasping for air as I beg harder.
Pour down on me even harder.
Blow against me Harder.
The cold drops sink into my clothes
I feel you pressed against all of me.