Once Again

Chest Growing tight,
Heart skipping beats,
Tears welling up in my eyes,
I am here once again.

How I fucking hate
Within a blink of an eye
My world comes crashing down.

Once again,
I am in a dark place,
And I feel like there is no escape.

Trembling hands
As I run this blade across my skin,
I continue to repeat
This disgusting pattern.

The tears are falling,
My blood is spilling,
I am trapped,
There is no escape
from my deadly disorder.

The walls are closing in,
I continue to hide
The pain that grows inside.

I don't want anyone to worry,
I don't want anyone's pity,
I don't want to hear how much I have failed.

When will this end?
♠ ♠ ♠
12 AM mood swing thoughts.
Layout Credit: Sam Rose