The Sinking Ship, the Man

The Sinking Ship, the Man.

“O! With mighty wings I could soar, God,
my knees are purple, pressed firmly to the floor!
On my knees, I reside tired,” The Man begs.
Returning rented breath four words can only be said,”whats it all for?”
The Mans eyes speak the rest,
“A sent dove once spoke your Love
written before the love could be interpreted by a single dove
If my path laid laden before my knees prayed on this floor
then thou written a long endured Forlorn written eons before!”

“Then written my journey before Light letten
In perpetual darkness my being was written
Bless-ed Ink must've run out and replaced with Smitten
Guile keys to Locked Salvation doors.”

His soul can only watch the sight
the Mans liberation dying
he’s giving up the fight.

Sorrow, the name given from eyes that interpret ones being when abandoned by the Light
the man no longer seeing.
The man yells out,“Your doves love-ed wings headed for the shore, Oh Lord!”

The Mans mind no longer solid as waves batter his ship.
Gripping the wheel with all his might, lightning sounding of constant Roars!
“Enough!” Proclaims the man.”I'm letting go the wheel from this constant fright,
take my pain and with it my sight!”

The man no longer steering his might veering and reality searing,
awaiting, lurking and leering, the Darkness nearing ready to gore!
Once more the mans knees…fall to the floor!

“Weakness and temptation, I've become this floor!
Living In a cave, forgive me O Lord!
I pray for Your Light, I plead and implore!
I've fallen, I’m sinking, I can't find the door.
If I had great wings, I could leave adorn!”
Please, forgive me Lord for all my past scorn”.

On wing-ed wings the Man hears Love flapping,
The Dove now turned from the shore,
A voice rings out from the turmoil around him and proclaims,
“Off your knees, Leap from the floor!”
The mans arms extended,
“I Will Be More!”

From off the floor forever more
The Mans Key now a verity,
he opens the door.
Finally at last...

…He’s Able to Soar!