Wolf's Cry

Restrained by chains, behind cold bars..
She finds herself lying among cigars..
Pain all over, her body's sore..
Seems like she is taken away from home..

Her name is Red, her soul is pure..
She thought she'd save them, she'd findd a cure..
The wolf has bit them, their bodies cold..
The end is near as it was foretold..

Their only hope is being held captive..
Damn that wold for being proactive..
The only problem through all of this "bliss"
Is that she doesn't remember how she ended up like this..

Has she been drugged somewhere in between?
Strange thing she thought she had the perfect scheme..
This isn't over, she raised up her chin!
I promise i'm not letting the wolf win!

She crawls and struggles to find an escape..
She's gonna break free there's a lot at stake!
But what she notices makes her gape..
Dark blood covers the red of her cape..

It wasn't hers that was for sure..
There were no scars or any fresh wounds..
She catches two contemplating eyes on her..
His gaze is cold, his hatred rare..

She was their foe, their saving grace..
Never could she imagine that was far from the case..
Was he the one who locked her in that place?
Fear and sadness were clear in his face..

But why would he be frightened by her?
If he was the wolf, that didn't seem fair..
He was the hunter and now she's caught..
How could she endure his evil plot??

Would he kill her, as he did with the rest?
That filthy animal, that brutal pest..
She glares at him, makes him stumble back..
She's not backing down, she won't get caught in the trap..

He seems surprised, his voice soundds deep..
"Do you remember exactly what you did?"
Now she's being startled, what does he mean?
Fear and insecurity start to crawl in..

He points at the blood all over her cape..
The little pieces start to take their place..
The one she was hunting hiding within..
Is the monster lying beneath her skin..

Realization hits hard, knocks her to the ground..
I hurt the ones to protect I was bound..
There's no more escaping the cage she's in..
She can never amend the burden of her sin..

She looks at him with regret in her eyes..
She can't find the words, she seems paralyzed..
Her life was a fairytale covered with lies..
To break free from the chains she no longer tries..

She's lost the days, years might have passed..
Her mind is locked in, haunted by the past..
Her body is numb, her humanity long gone..
She can't recognize the beast she's become..

So she lies there alone till the day she dies..
The only thing heard are her wolf cries..