Don't Mean Anything

Everything is so innocent when you’re young,
But what happens when everything’s all done?
Each day goes by as you’re having fun,
But it’ll be over in the long run.
Pipe down now and wait
Before you get yourself caught in the bait.
Keep smiling till the clock strikes eight,
Then maybe something will set you straight.
Like that girl I know you love.
All this time, you never put anything above.
This feeling is stick you like a glove.
I can see it’s something you can’t rid of.
So, listen to me now, I need to show you how…
I can help you out, cause honestly, you need a different route…
To move on, you need to be strong.
Listen to me when I say, “Move on.”
Listen to the words of this song.
Cause I know you’re gonna need it.
Tell me what you’re gonna do, cause I would just leave it.

As the day goes by, I can’t seem to wonder why…
You left me here alone to die.
The dark phrases I read are beginning to fly.
Don’t tell me now you’re gonna be a free bird, you promised me your
That you would stay.
Why can’t you tell me today, that you put the ay in slay.
Come over to me, I’ll make you happy.
But if you don’t, I’ll just keep on rappin’.
Cause maybe somethin’ will happen.
I know you want her cause you can’t have her.
But in the end, I know it had to stop.
You were only making my heart drop.
I’ll still be there, but I can’t really stare…
Anymore at you.
My life is up in pieces.
Far away from home, I keep livin’.
Far away from home, I keep breathin’.
More and more time I realized I wasn’t the one.
I knew it from the start where it had all begun.

My smile fades as I enter this room of darkness.
It pulls me to life of awfulness.
Far from home, I was scared of the world,
But now this is what I’m singing for…
To find some solace in my life.
I need a way to lose my strife.
Life. It is what it is.
There ain’t nothing I can do about this shizz.
Just go home and cry, but I’ll make sure to say goodbye.