I Was Wrong

while i was busy giving you my all
thinking you were my soulmate
you lied
you cheated
used me
made me feel special when i wasn't
i was blinded by the love
how perfect i thought we were
i hurt you back
showed your worse enemy your weakness
your lies
your fears
all realized in my one long message
i hated that i did it to you
but i think BOUT YOU
the dream of the future i believed we had
i wish i never let you in
i don't know that the love making will ever compare
i craved you not just the sex but your presence
i let you tie me up
explore my sexuality
i wanted your kids
i wanted to be your wife
was planning the wedding

i hate you
hate that i still miss you
i still crave you
my heart still hasn't recovered
why was i so stupid
i should of never talked to you again
you who used me
♠ ♠ ♠
so heartbroken