Wide Open

"Tell me what's wrong."
She stares at the blue bubble on the screen, bubbles of exasperation rising in her throat.
His name flashing across her phone, the name she had wanted to see for weeks, suddenly made her forget her own.
But who was he to demand answers from her when he had left her with so many questions.
Her life was not an open door he could simply walk back through, not an open house he could claim ownership of.
Besides, how was she to explain the emptiness he had left in his wake? The uneasiness she felt despite the bright lights over head, the loud music, the smiling faces of people around her.
How could she possibly tell him that he had left her with a feeling all too familiar. That he wasn't even special. He was just like the last one.
Her heart beat against the grey dots, lost in the sea of white, clinging to the small island of blue.
"Tell me what's wrong."
She drowned in the words.