The Perfect Paper

The perfect paper

So I’m over here thinking and writing down baby names
Don’t ask me why, it just happened to be a thought that came across my brain...
Well not my brain, but my mind (yes there’s a difference)
I guess I just said brain so it could rhyme, how lame
But I digress.. so far I’ve come up with seven names and now that I look at them....
They’re all unisex
Does that make me creative or thoughtful?
I’ll leave that up for debate I guess.
You’re probably wondering where I’m going with this.
Honestly, I don’t even know where I’m going, but once I’m done it’ll make a little sense.
These are all random thoughts, that just happen to have a rhyme scheme (for now at least)
Does that make me an artist or a creative genius?
Maybe I’m both.. at least I’d like to think so.
If a person slept with over 10 people are they a nympho or a hoe?
Who are we to say? Who are we to judge?
Did you know even if life had an eraser, that it would still leave a smudge?
Think about it. Have you ever erased something and the eraser made it look worse? And now you’re like I should have thought about this before I did it first..
If you pay attention to what I just mentioned, this is kind of how life works.
We meet people we wish we never met, sleep places with people we should have never slept, and trust people without first drawing a sketch.
So with our brain.. I mean mind. We try to erase those things. But what we don’t realize is, we have those extra hard erasers that turn the paper black when we use them.
And now what? It’s there for ever right?
So do you start over? No because you’re in the middle of your paper.
You have no choice, but to deal with that ugly smudgy space on your paper.
And its all because you couldn’t decide on what sounded good to say or what punctuation mark to use
You’re probably like, get to the point right?
But if you don’t get the point by now, I think you need to go sharpen your pencil. (See what I did there?) because the point of whatever this is I’m talking about is that: our lives are hand written research papers full of mistakes. And the thing about research papers is, they can be read. And a few paragraphs ago you just read a small synopsis of who I am. I’m a thoughtful creative genius who likes to have sex and randomly thinks of baby names, but yet you still know nothing about me, so take it how you want and keep reading. It gets better. Now as I was saying about research papers...
Some are more harder to read and understand than others, but nevertheless mistakes are present. There’s no such thing as a perfect paper, especially to the person who’s writing it. They’ll always go back and say, “I should have did this right here”, I should have added this, “taken away this”, but at the end of the day, it’s too late. The paper (you) is already published for the world to see.
What you can do is just keep adding on to your research paper. Keep researching data and analyzing it (finding your self), keep adding on to your reference page ( verifying yourself), and most importantly, keep publishing your work (stay consistent) so that your paper can become perfect for whoever it is you going to turn it into; your spouse/soulmate, girlfriend/boyfriend, parents, kids, or whoever you have in your table of contents. And always remember that it’s the smudges and cross outs that make your paper unique. So use them towards your advantage and not as a reason to feel like you need to start over.
♠ ♠ ♠
Hopefully this helps someone out. I always try to put things in perspective for people in a way that they can easily relate. I hope you enjoy.