My mind...usually doesn’t race like this
My heart usually doesn’t pace like this
Or break like this
I never thought we’d be in a place like this
Our own space like this
Now you want your own space right quick
That’s what you said,
But the space I’m in
I hate it, I can’t take it
My life is in shambles
I imagine yours is amazing
You say you still love me
But now it’s from a distance
And every day we’re away from each other
I feel more distant
From you, from us
The things we’ve built
The memories, the laughs and tripping over spilled milk
I just want to be the only one you commit to
Right now I want you more than ever
I wanna hug you and kiss you and ruffle your feathers
This space that I’m in
It’s so empty without you
But yet I see you in it
How it’s supposed to be
Waking up, making breakfast and groceries
I can’t take this much longer I’m really going crazy
In real life we’re not together
But in this space you’re my baby
In this space you’re my queen
In this space you fill the blank
In this space you insert here
In this space you’re the bar
In this space you’re the star
In this space you’re everything that belongs
They say matter is anything that takes up space so
In this space you’re the only thing that matters