When in Love

Your presence is a present whenever your presence is present
Without a question you’re a blessing straight from the heavens
The confessions after sexing are always pleasant
And every second of the wetness, kissing and caressing
The stressing from my lessons;
You’re my perfect imperfection
No need for any correction,
Because I appreciate your essence
My ego; you check it
I gotta respect it
Baby I love your style
You’re just so eclectic
You mean the world to me
And I just want the world to see
That you’re the perfect girl for me
And know that for a fact baby; worry free
When things get hectic
I’ll be there in a second
& I’ll go out of arms reach for you like Odell Beckham
You’re the tomato to my ketchup
the clean up to my mess up
The doctor of my check ups
And the smith to my wesson
I just can’t wait for the day when I hear you say yes to that question