Ode to My Eyebags

Eye bags,
Intense, dark rings
You devour my features
You swallow my face

I have no need to speak
There is no need to explain
You say what I feel inside
You scream my true state

Heavy, puffy, thick,
You carry the weight of my despair
For me

Exhausted, aging, crying
No remedy
Can rid of your beauty

And forgive me,
For you are not just a
Sign of sorrow,
You are great proof of
A night well spent

Not even the wide frame
Of my square glasses
Could hide you
Nor could any amount of makeup
Conceal you

With you
Every glance is more intense
With you
Every look is given depth

You are charm,
My natural accessory,
You give character
My war paint
♠ ♠ ♠
Learn to love EVERY part of yourself! EVERY detail. I know so many people who do so much in attempt to rid of their eye bags, but anything rarely works. Love your bags! They're way better than Prada or Calvin