This Love.

He's Insane!
He's looking for a reason to be saved.
Like this one, that love, on to the next one.

He talks about you in his sleep.
That little heart on your hip.
God damn!

A hopeless man searching for love, but fuck!
How can the damage ever be undone? Shit.

I don't even know how its come to this you see.
Told me alls fair in love with me, but why does he want you
Not me?

There's Venom in my eyes, tears behind that smile.
Damn, how can this be? Is this the real me?

a being so obsessed with being wanted and needed,
Tryna make everybody happy
Left alone in the end.
Forgetting all the broken promises,
Like how you needed me.

I'm caught up in my head now! Lyrically
Literally, this is all I'll ever be. An unfinished poetry,
A frozen sentiment. A time in space that's laid to rest.
Oh god help me, I need some rest.


Take pitty on my conscious

I promise.

I'm trying so hard to fight me. Despite me. The me in my head.
The me you like, me. The right me!

I don't know...
All these possibilities, endless.
Emotionless, witness.,

The destruction of me.
♠ ♠ ♠
This Love.