My Crazy Roomate

Rooming with a friend on a trip can be quite pleasant,

But for me, that was the case when my roommate was not present.

Which was almost never, but let me emphasize-

Sugar rush, crazy stunts, flying limbs and objects,

PLEASE do not put me with her again, I beg you, I protest!

I really took one for the team here

There were times I could not sleep until way past 12 am,

Please oh please I cry, I won't put up with her again!

Okay, so I realized that all the stuff I've said so far has been negative, so here's one positive note before I go -

She's smart and funny, What a delight!

Just not overnight
♠ ♠ ♠
I wrote this poem for a school assignment. My grade level went to the Florida Keys for a week as a field trip. We all were assigned roommates, so here is my story