Not What You're Looking For

You don't like me.
I just spark your curiosity.
Intriguing like an abstract painting on a gallery wall.
I'm over priced.
You won't take me home and keep me.

You say I don't know my own worth
But I fail to see how going home with you for a night
will show me what I already know.

I am take it completely or leave it far behind.
I'm not some temporary tattoo that's happy to sit on your arm for a week, until you wash me away like a dirty sin.

I'm a hard safe to crack not some easy money to make.
I'm an open mind with a closed heart and a broken soul.
A starved and strange creature that will devour you whole.

Like a bitter pill to swallow,
I'm stuck deep in your throat.
You'll never forget me
and I'll never remember your name.