Warning: This May Change Your Perception

She was a damsel in destress with a fruitful of diamonds and wavy beautiful hair.
Her beauty was everything anyone would desire.
Hours would pass as she waited for her princess charming to come; but why hadn't she found her?
She was the idea of perfection in an artificial perception, but her mentality ran dry as a desert.
She had an idea of an imaginary women to fit her artificial attire.
Out of the long harden years, her platform because flowerless.
"I can not be with a woman who is not giving me everything I desire." She would spit.
"Where is she?"
However her ambitions were nothing more of a sit in. She did not desire change. She was just there to be.
We live in a society of endless possibilities. We have abundance of obligations with a chance of success.
People are born and live for what, I believe, is more than what we give ourselves credit for.
We do not need to be the option of anyones desire.
We do not need to live only for a partner.
That being said, if you only judge someone on personal attire you may not get everything you want.
I believe the outside of an individual may be attractive; A beautiful inside is fruitful and alluring.
All I ask is for you to be you and nothing short of extraordinary.
I want you to fight for what you believe is most desirable in life and never let anyone tell you anything different.
Life is too short to sit back and wait for approval.
♠ ♠ ♠
Regina gathered her dress; I created my crown.