You Don't Love Me.

You don't love me;
Don't know why you say you do
When all you've done
Is ruin me
And the love I once had for you.
You don't love me
And if you really did
You would have respected me
Let me be,
But instead you wanted to control me.
You don't love me
Because you've made me cry
To the point I've wanted to die.
I still don't get
How that didn't break you inside
As I'd stand right beside you dying.
You don't love me;
All you care about is my outer beauty,
Not my mind,
Not my heart.
You're full of shit.
You've burned me a thousand times
And I still let you come into my life,
But today I know everything was complete a lie.
You don't love me.
You don't love me.
I hope you heard me
I said
You don't love me.