I was an RA once. A Senior Resident Assistant to be exact.
One time as a friend was exiting, a resident came entering.
And that ended up being my evening.

She had tears in her eyes, but hadn't made her mind
When the best time to break up with her boyfriend was.

Now I am here. I had mental improvement.
I had a hard time empathizing in the moment.
She went back on her words, skirted the way,
And literally only told me stories about the boy.

I was getting fed up, I needed her to finalize a decision.
Thankfully, I asked, and she brought me and a friend to him.
And it happened right there, her and her friend were scared.
But I indeed was a cool cucumber.

She cried it out, but it had been three hours about,
And I was done with it so I slept soundly.