some days I walk down the road for a while
until the gravel beneath my feet is sparse
until the yellow lines dividing fast cars become blurred
until i don't know how far i've gone or how long it will take to get home

i walk on broken sidewalks, bruised trees, and abandoned bottles
i walk until my muscles remind my brain that i am alive
my thoughts were left midair somewhere along the line

flecks of gravel find their home in the soles of my shoes
each tree thickens beside me as i walk
i am drowned in the left behind pavement
in the settling dust of those who careen towards a destination
i walk for miles, one foot after another

until my refrain is nothing but slight soreness in my joints
until i have found the distance that my answers were hiding
until i can turn back and gaze upon my distorted problems with clearer eyes

i take 'no trespassing' signs as open for interpretation
my quiet contempt is carried over fences and past tall pines
pushed through the underbrush, and over fallen trees
my quest is endless, my search fruitless
i do not wait for meaning and purpose to seek me
i push onwards

affectionate branches caress my limbs
angry thorn bushes beg me to stay, dig their desperate claws into my flesh
i am a stranger searching for a place that doesn't exist on any map
i will continue to upturn every stone
brush the underbelly of every leaf

i will feel the gentle awakening of the forest
her soft embrace beneath my intrusive feet