I once rooted my heart
to the deepest parts
of the subsoil
ready to hide away
from everything
and everyone
suppressing emotions
lying to myself
being foolish
knowing damn well
you cannot run
from unequivocal happiness
the fight, the love
the possibility of finding
one worth fighting for
I've been so used to
existing in comfortable pleasantries
that happiness scares me
so I vowed to
to run
and not to open up
but what feels like
a single breath
after a simple impression
I've chosen to excavate
the roots instead
I'm blooming
opening up like an orchid
exposing my secrets
my wants
my needs
my likes
and my failures
you've reached inside of me
holding on tight
I can feel your hands
on my heart, squeezing
pumping out truths
never spoken aloud
at night when I'm
lying in bed
you're the only thing
I can think about
circling around my head
I want to feel you
against me
touching me where
you end
and I begin
I haven't felt this way
in a long
long time
and when I close my eyes
I'm relieved
grateful even
out of all the people
you could have been
that you ended up