Period 7

In the early years of time
in my past, like a mime
a little one came to me
little I was too, I see
she smiled at me, laughter in full
she was a friend to me

The next year, I was six
us, tied together at the hip
at the store I see she picks
a blue lolly, that goes on her lip.
For me, an orange, from all of the sticks
she and I smiling, our grins might rip

"Together next weekend?" she used to say.
"Of course, of course," was mine every day.
Everything was the same, same, same,
same foods
and likes
But of course, to be twins we showed aim

In when I was older, a box took me
away from everyone, away from she.
The flowers would bloom, the wind would blow
it came down raining, and then to snow
her face was never there in glee for me
-but I knew her smile did never flee

When she moved away, from place to place
-one closer
-one farther-
-I rarely saw her face.

As we met after last, a someone I knew was there too
one of my heart too, one maybe new.
Friends of friends shall connect each other

The little girl from this past,
the little life, the most she cast,
my touching friend, shoved away
again to come to be in my play.

Will she stay?